How to Make Money From Selling Old Textbooks?

How to Make Money From Selling Old Textbooks?

Many students are turned away from bookstores due to the skyrocketing prices. There are many bookstores available online, but the price difference is actually not significant. It could be seen as an opportunity for us to make money from old textbooks. Many colleges have structured book requirements, it means that students are required to purchase books that they need and no more. It means that we can check the book requirements for each department and sell students affordable used textbooks. There are always cash-strapped students out there who don’t mind using older books.

There are different options that we can choose if we want to sell old textbooks. Online auctions should be a good way to sell old textbooks that we have. Through auctioning, we could get decent prices; although likely the price won’t reach the price of new books. In this case, the highest bidder will always win. Alternatively, we can sell our books to distributors who are specialized in selling old textbooks. If the books that we have are still in decent condition; distributors will certainly buy it. However, we should be aware that the price is actually lower compared to if we sell the product directly.

Classified ads are classic medium for selling used things. Classified ads are available online, but we can also put it in newspapers if we are located in cities with many schools and colleges. In essence, we should try to reach a larger audience. However, with online sources; we should be able to upload pictures about the actual conditions of the book. It means that average consumers are able to check the actual conditions of the book. We know that there are always people who need old textbooks and we could have more than a few lying around somewhere in the attic or basement.

Another good way to directly sell book to students is by selling near the college. We could bring old textbooks in our car and park it near a college where students often walk. We could use a sign and offer interesting prices. Books can be priced according to their conditions and demands. This should allow us sell directly to the actual consumers and get slightly higher prices. In order to speed up the transaction process, books should be organized by departments and student’s year in the college. If we are able to do this when the students start a new year in the college, it is possible to get some quick cash.

Making money from selling books may not be an activity that we can do every day, especially during holiday season; but we should get sizable amount of money Money can be obtained through different ways and when we try to do this, we shouldn’t feel doubtful. There are many opportunities in the market that we can take. As an example, we could invest some money by bringing our car to colleges at the end of the semesters and offer to pay students for their used books. We can re-sell these books one month later.