Why A Monitored Alarm System Is A Good Solution For Any Home or Business

Why A Monitored Alarm System Is A Good Solution For Any Home or Business

Security depends on so much more than locked windows and locked doors – a modern security arrangement must include a monitored alarm system if it is to ensure safety at all times for you, your loved ones, or your business premises. We’re not talking about a simple bell that goes off when the alarm is triggered, either – a monitored alarm system means that, when in need, help is immediately on the way. There are many advantages to this, as you may already know. Here is a short list of why a monitored alarm system is a good solution for any home or business.

Help is on the Way

There are times when police are not reliable – this, perhaps, is not through any fault of their own, but they require proof of a crime being committed before they can act. The police don’t necessarily respond to every alarm that goes off. With a simple bell alarm, you have to rely on neighbours to come to your aid, and this isn’t an ideal solution, either.

A monitored alarm system gets rid of these problems and increases your security because the alarm is monitored and immediately responded to. A monitored alarm system is much more than just an alarm; it’s a group of people who are ready to take urgent and appropriate action.

Protection Against Various Threats

A monitored alarm system does not only protect your home or business against potential burglars or thieves; it also safeguards you against many other threats. Here some of the main ones:

  • Personal attack. Thanks to a personal attack button, you are sure help is on the way in case of threat or injury to your person.
  • Duress signal. If there is any reason to turn off the alarm, there is the option to send out a duress signal; a secret code that alerts the monitoring team.
  • Fire safety. Thanks to a unique carbon monoxide fire detector system, the fire department is notified quickly.
  • Emergency medical help. Thanks to the emergency ‘assistance’ button, a team of medical professionals is immediately notified in case of an emergency.
  • False alarm management. In case of technical failure, the team can quickly monitor the situation and fix any problems.
  • Online fault rectification. With a monitored alarm system, a team can send an electronic toolbox online, which eliminates the need for inspection or rectification by an engineer at the place of the fault. This online technical assistance can solve problems 65% of the time, saving much energy and time.

A simple alarm system is no longer adequate for the needs of your home or business – for real security, you need to know that there is a team standing by, such as Oxford security services and Oxford security personnel from Securipol Ltd.