CRM Tool That Integrates With Office 365

CRM Tool That Integrates With Office 365

Your business has been using Microsoft Office for a long time and then you upgraded to Office 365. You and your teams can access any files and documents any time and from anywhere on the cloud. Your sales and marketing teams can readily access any documents whether they are in the field. Everyone is collaborating more effectively and efficiently than ever before. You can store all your data on the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere as long as your authorized employees have connectivity. Whether you are using Office 365 Trial or the full version, you could also use the service for hosting your email, creating presentations, and conducting online meetings. Above all your system is fully secure. You want to take your business to the next level and it is time to integrate a powerful and compatible CRM tool to your Office 365.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – The Right CRM Tool for Office 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect customer relationship management system to strengthen your customer relationship at marketing, sales and service levels. This powerful solution is part of the Microsoft Dynamics series of business applications. You can purchase the CRM tool from and access it via a browser from any device.

Features of Dynamics CRM

The Office 365 Dynamics CRM allows you and your teams to engage with your customers and clients at the right time. It also helps you deliver best customer experiences based on valuable insights.

  • Reduce Your Costs & Increase Profitability – Dynamics CRM addresses your customer relations, sales, marketing, and customer service. It helps in the automation of your business processes to improve your customer relationships.
  • More Effective Marketing – You can also design more powerful marketing campaigns with the visual campaign designer which is easy to run and more intuitive.
  • Get Massive Returns – The returns on investment provided by Dynamics CRM more than cover your investment manifold times even in a short period of time. The CRM tool boosts your customer service, sales force automation and marketing automation to ensure that you are interacting with your customers and clients at the optimal times.
  • Get Social Integration – It enables integration with not just Office 365, but with Skype, Lynch and other social conferencing tools which are being used by your clients and customers.

Dynamics CRM equips you with both external and internal data that can provide you useful insights into trends and patterns. You can take advantage of these recommendations to ensure that your customer interactions are highly productive.

Why Buy from Microsoft-Certified CSP

When it comes to integrating Dynamics CRM with your Office 365 system, you should purchase it from a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Apps4Rent is a Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 CSP who can be relied upon for all aspects of the purchase process – from buying to migration to post-migration support so that you get the best from the Office 365 platform.

Migrating to the CRM tool can involve the risk of data loss or downtime. However, with a Tier-1 Microsoft CSP, you will have an expert team to handle the migration. There are good reasons why you should purchase Dynamics CRM from a CSP instead of directly from Microsoft. When you purchase directly from the company you are limiting yourself almost entirely to the post-migration end-user support. Microsoft doesn’t offer direct end-user support, except via a designated IT admin. Besides, it has a very small list of issues which are allowed to be addressed. That is why it is important to choose a Tier-1 CSP like Apps4Rent.

Apps4Rent provides 24×7 end-user support and service so that your business processes never get affected. You can reach them any time via phone, email or live chat and can have any issues resolved. This is extremely important for ensuring that your sales, marketing and customer service teams keep working round without any hindrances to their client interactions.