How to Start Your Freelance Writing Business

How to Start Your Freelance Writing Business

Are you thinking of starting a freelance writing career? If you’re seriously considering taking up writing, know that it is a highly lucrative business option. According to a survey released by Silicon Valley-based Upwork and the Freelancers Union, by October 2016, freelancers made up about 35% of the workforce, earning a staggering $1 trillion within the last one year.

An interesting observation was made by the CEO of Upwork, Stephane Kasriel. He noted that “The younger part of the workforce is much more likely to be freelancing than the older part.” Close to 50% of the workforce of ages between 18 and 24 years chooses to work either part-time or full-time in freelancing jobs. That’s probably because more and more young people recognize the benefits of freelance work. They enjoy the freedom of flexible working hours and the diversity of doing assignments and tasks that comes from working with different clients in various spheres. They can also make more money as compared to regular jobs.

If these are the positives you’ve been looking for, you must go right ahead with your plans of developing a freelance writing business. Read ahead for information about all the preparations you need to make.

Invest in an Advanced Computer

One of the first (and, possibly only) pieces of equipment you’ll need to start your freelance writing career is an advanced computer. And, you can choose from desktop devices or laptops. Of course, the latter is likely to give you mobility and the convenience of working from any location you want. It is understandable that laptops are typically more expensive than desktops and that factor might make you hesitant about opting for one.

However, should you check the devices section on online stores like Amazon, ReUseTek, eBay, Newegg, or any other, you’ll find a collection of practically new refurbished laptops for around $100. You could also scour manufacturer’s websites like Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung to name a few. Check the refurbished devices they have for sale and choose the one that is economical and works well.

Explore Your Writing Skills

Before you hand in your resignation in anticipation of a flourishing freelance writing career, make sure you have the talent, skills, and expertise to become a writer. Work on a few articles on random topics and have close friends and family members read them. Ask for honest opinions about whether they think you have the necessary potential. Above all, be your best critic. Though, you can expect to improve as your experience levels increase.

 How to Start Your Freelance Writing Business

Start a Blog and Create a Dedicated Group of Readers

As a newbie, you cannot expect that prospective clients will accept your freelance writing applications without seeing samples of your work. They’ll also want to see how well the audience receives it. Here’s what you need to do. Start a blog and begin publishing pieces on topics you’re most comfortable with. You must also start social media pages and link your blog with them. As your group of followers regularly read, comment on, and appreciate your thoughts, you’ll develop a portfolio that you can share with clients and customers.

Reach Out to Family, Friends, and Acquaintances

Spreading the word around is one of the best ways to attract buyers for your business. Talk to your family and friends about your interest in starting a freelance writing career. And, you might just have people coming up to you with requests. You could also consider helping the people close to you without charging them just for the opportunity to showcase and hone your skills.

Sign Up With Freelance Sites

Search online, and you can find many different sites that connect freelancers with buyers. For instance, Upwork, Guru, Craigslist, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, Demand Media, and others. Sign up with the top sites and create profiles on them. Here’s where your blog will come really handy. Add links so clients can see samples of your work. Getting established on these sites does take time, and in the initial stages, you might have to settle for low-paying jobs while you build a ranking as a freelance writing professional. With each satisfied client and good reviews, you’ll be able to develop a stellar reputation, so more customers will be willing to work with you. Over time, you should be able to command the prices you expect.

Learn to Write the Perfect Application

One of the main requirements of a freelance writing career is the ability to write the perfect application. When you create a proposal, use it effectively to convince clients that you’re the ideal candidate for the task, and you’ll be able to deliver what they need. Keep a few pointers in mind when you begin writing. Make sure the proposal is succinct but at the same time, friendly and respectful.

How to Start Your Freelance Writing BusinessTalk about how you’ll handle the assignment to show that you have read the job specifications carefully. Add samples and links to any previous work that is related to the client’s requirements. Many times, clients might request you to work on a short sample to demonstrate your understanding of the subject you intend to write about. Demo samples are a great way to showcase your freelance writing skills in the particular spheres where you have no previous experience. You also get to show that you’re a versatile writer who can work on any topic with ease.

A Freelance Writing Career is Rewarding in More Ways than One

Freelance writing can prove to be an excellent way to make money on the side if you already hold a steady job. As your skills, experience, and income levels improve, you might find that you can focus your full attention on writing. That’s the right time when you can give up your regular job for a full-time writing career. Whatever may be the number of hours you wish to devote to this job, you’ll find that it is rewarding, flexible, fun, and allows you to explore your creativity to the fullest.