The Unlikely Ingredient For Stress-Free Fun: Life Insurance

The Unlikely Ingredient For Stress-Free Fun: Life Insurance

What’s fun without a little danger? You may not think about it in such explicit terms, but everything we do for fun – from riding a bike to skydiving – comes with a certain degree of risk. Sometimes that risk is part of the appeal: for mountain climbers and bungee jumpers, part of the thrill comes from the perceived peril (even as those same sportsmen and women take great care and extensive safety measures to make sure that their activities are never actually as dangerous as they might feel). Other times, the risk is smaller or more subtle: hikers don’t necessarily seek out a sense of fear or danger, though, of course, their hobby also comes with risks.

With thrill-seeking hobbies, the key is to capture the adrenaline rush that comes with danger while avoiding the horrors that come with true disasters – that’s why most mountain climbers use ropes and why most skiers wear helmets. With the more laid-back hobbies, the key is to avoid fear altogether – those folks are here to relax, not to get their heart pounding.

In both cases, preparation and protective measures are key. Fishing is more relaxing on a safe and well-maintained boat than it would be on an ancient craft that keeps taking on water (you weren’t planning on swimming today!). Thrillseekers choose their activities carefully based on their skill level and invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in quality gear to make sure they stay safe.

The key to all of this is peace of mind – and there’s one piece of preparation that you may not associate with recreation, but that nevertheless should hold huge appeal to anyone with a fun hobby (and that’s all of us)!

Life insurance: your unlikely partner in fun

Nobody wants to die – not even those crazy rock climbers. And nobody wants to think about dying, either. So it’s no surprise that most of us don’t spend a lot of time considering the consequences of our own demise. When people buy boats, they don’t consider crashing them or sinking in them. When people climb rocks, they don’t consider how much their own funeral would cost.

Or, at least, we don’t consider them until something goes wrong with the boat we’re fishing off of, or we take a sharp fall while climbing and hit our head. Then, once we’ve fixed the issue or gotten a grip back on the rock wall, it’s all we think about: what if that problem had been worse? What would happen to our families?

These aren’t the kind of things you want to think about when you’re trying to have fun. You don’t want to consider the cost to your family if you were to die: what would happen to their income, for instance, or how they’d pay for your funeral.  But you should, because these are the miserable things that will cast a shadow over your fun when something goes wrong. All hobbies have risks, and the day may come when yours scares you. When that happens, life insurance offers you the chance to have fewer things to worry about.

Life insurance gives you the peace of mind it takes to pursue any hobby. It removes some worries from your mind, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of a dangerous hobby (or the relaxation of a calming one) without having to deal with the uncomfortable fear that comes with risking your family’s well-being. If you’re like most people, risking your family’s financial security is a lot less thrilling than risking a nasty fall from a rock wall. There’s a fun type of fear and a scary type, and the wellbeing of the people you care most about is very firmly in the latter category.

Yes, this all may sound grim, but the fact is that thinking about it for a few minutes and selecting a life insurance policy from a brokerage like Our Life Covered will enable you to stop thinking about it in the future – making your thrills a little purer and your relaxation a little more complete. Make the right decision and you won’t think about your life insurance policy when you’re scaling a difficult rock wall. You won’t have to, because you’ll know have one.