Uses of Playing Cards Apart from Playing

Uses of Playing Cards Apart from Playing

Most people know the use of playing cards for playing several interesting card games like Bridge, Indian rummy, Gin Rummy, Poker and 28. However, the uses of playing cards go far beyond just playing. There are countless other things one may do by using a deck of cards. Here we have listed out some of these prominent uses for you to know:

Magic Shows

The playing card are very often used by magicians to show magic shows to the audiences. There are many interesting magic tricks that can be displayed with the help of playing cards. If you wish to entertain your audience with the most elusive methods, just learn magic with playing cards. Everyone enjoys such tricks. Be the star by learning a few quick tricks.

As Bookmarks

Most card lovers have ample decks of cards at home. As some of the cards get lost or worn out, you may have to buy a whole new deck for playing. However, the remaining cards of the deck that have not worn out can be used as bookmarks while you read. What could be better than a playing card to mark the page that you read last?  People who are readers and used to playing card games may choose this innovative bookmark to mark the page they read.


Cardistry is the art of juggling or shuffling cards in a unique manner. It is not as easy as it seems and requires a considerable amount of practice to master. The word cardistry is the combination of the words, cards and artistry. The cardistry experts come up with interesting springs, shuffles and fanning of cards that look visually appealing. It is a common means of entertainment in gatherings.

Creating Artworks

Modern artists are always looking for new ways to come up with interesting artworks. Some of the modern artists use playing cards to create artworks that maybe used to decorate your home. Playing cards can be used to make lanterns, wall arts and interesting photo frames. Playing cards are a common raw material for creating such art works. These are particularly suited for card game clubs or such gatherings where these are appreciated.

House of Cards

It is never easy to create the house of cards. A house of cards is a pyramid made by using cards and stacking them one above the other in a proper order. There are many designs and styles in which the cards can be stacked. There have been world records in house of cards. The tallest house of cards built was 75 storeys high. You may use this as a method to teach your child to focus and organise.

Fortune Telling

Astrologers and numerologists use a deck of cards for predicting future. They arrange all the cards in the deck upside down. You may be told to arbitrarily pick a card from the deck. Based on the sign and number on the card that you picked, the astrologer will predict your future.

The multitude of uses of playing cards make them so popular around the world. History reveals that many countries have even used playing cards to propagate parties in elections. It doesn’t matter how these cards have been used, for an avid lover of games like rummy, these help you enjoy your favourite game with friends. Go for the rummy game free download to enjoy the game even without the deck of cards.