Top Tips For Banner Printing from Graphic Designers

Top Tips For Banner Printing from Graphic Designers

Most business owners will be familiar with the 4Ps of marketing: product, positioning, price and promotion – but what about the 4Ps of banner printing?

Here we explain how to go about producing an eye-catching banner for your business.

Placement: before you decide on the content of your banner, you should carefully consider its placement. Where will it be displayed? Indoors? Outdoors?

Purpose: your approach to banner design should be governed by its placement and purpose – there’s a big difference between a banner at the roadside and a banner used internally in a sales area. The amount of information which a passer-by can assimilate and digest in the time available is vastly different. If you want to convince prospective customers to discover more about you and your business – show them what your products or service can do for them. Forget about telling them all about how wonderful your product, service, or business is – show them how it will benefit them! Appeal to their needs or wants and show them how you can solve their problem.

Profile: the profile of your banner will also determine content layout. Will your banner be a skyscraper format (tall and narrow) or a horizontal banner (wide and narrow), rectangular or some other shape? The shape of the banner will guide how content is arranged for maximum visual impact and how clearly your message is transmitted.

Printing: again, placement and size will influence the quality of printing required for your banner to have optimal effect. A large banner seen from a distance, for example, by a driver passing by needs to be highly visible and eye-catching – but not necessarily of the highest print quality. In contrast, a banner used internally in a reception area or sales area which will be seen up close by people walking by needs to be of the highest quality as it will be exposed to closer inspection and therefore higher quality graphics, images and text need to be prioritized.

When you have decided where your banner will be placed or displayed, the purpose of the banner (to build brand awareness, promote a specific product, highlight a sale or other event) and who you want it to appeal to (young prospective customers, older customers, or everyone) you can begin to plan its content and layout.

Headlines grab attention, so focus on where to position this for maximum effect: at the top or left-hand-side are the most common placements. Make sure your headline will attract people’s attention. Don’t just go with your first idea – test it out on other members of your team, and most importantly, someone who is representative of the target audience. Does it resonate with them? If not, brainstorm some more ideas until you come up with something that really has an impact.

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