Going Around Chicago

Going Around Chicago

Do you know what Chicago is famous for around the world, especially Eastern Europe? It’s famous for its communities of immigrants. Many people from around the world come to visit their relatives in Chicago and they want to go sightseeing – it is only natural. Even if you are from the USA, Chicago has a lot of interesting sights to offer, but it is common that people don’t know how to approach it and go around it as efficiently as possible. That is why we have a fun idea for a trip that will make not only the sights fun to see, but also the trip itself.

First thing to do is to opt for a Chicago limo service and get yourself a nice car for a day. Chauffeurs will know how to take you somewhere you want, but they will also now some scenic routes for you to enjoy. And who knows, maybe along the way you will see something that will catch your attention and you will want to stop for a moment. Anyway, we have a list of the “must-see” places in Chicago, and we hope that you’ll enjoy them.

Let’s start with the Art Institute of Chicago. Even if you don’t like art that much, you will appreciate the vastness of this museum. It doesn’t only show paintings, but also prints, photography and much more interesting stuff. The experience will be quite enjoyable for everyone, so go ahead and visit it.

The second place is probably one of the most well-known and for many people it should’ve been first. This is the Millennium Park. If the name doesn’t ring a bell – this is where the “bean” is. So yes, you should definitely go there, everyone enjoys it and it can be fun to stare at your distorted reflection. Some of us do it quite regularly, because it is a bit mesmerizing.

Now, Chicago maybe known as “the windy city” and may not be that suitable for a swim out in the open, its Navy Pier is quite a beautiful place to visit. There are many shops there, bunch of attractions, many restaurants, and the favorite attraction of many – the Ferris wheel. But if we have to recommend any one place at the Navy Pier, this would be the Crystal Gardens – such beauty is hardly matched and you will enjoy six stories of botanical awesomeness.

Now for our last mention here maybe not all Chicagoans will agree, as there are many other points of interest that people would prefer. However, to us it is quite interesting and important to visit. That is the Museum of Science and Industry. It is pretty impressive and if you are a tech geek, you will definitely enjoy a tour around it. And where other museums don’t allow you to touch things, here you are actually encouraged too. So go ahead and play with some items.

There are some other interesting places to visit, but you should be sure to at least go to the once we’ve mentioned. You won’t be disappointed!