Benefits Of Enterprise Video Solutions To Midmarket Companies

Benefits Of Enterprise Video Solutions To Midmarket Companies

The market today is highly competitive where midmarket companies have to strive hard for survival. In order to succeed, the technology should provide the compatibility for the business to meet its customers’ and employees’ needs. This technology should also be able to make value-enriched and simple changes in the business. Of late, businesses have been able to find solution to their IT related challenges using video communications. Even though standalone video communications can be deployed as solutions, the best practice is to employ platforms with unified communications.

While considering buying video communications, these businesses have to essentially focus on various factors like present and future business requirements, functionality, price, and expertise at partner implementation. By understanding how to work on these factors, midmarkets will benefit in Corporate communications, human resources management, finance, operations and sales.

Corporate Communications

There are different uses of enterprise video solutions in corporate communications. It can be used for corporate messaging, live webcasts of CEOs, while introducing new products, for consistently providing crisis messages, for announcing statements approved by the company, and more. Technology can bring better outreach, branding, thought leadership, and higher moral values. With enterprise video, you can now broadcast programs to your partners or employees in more secure ways than mere web conferencing or video conferencing. All you need to do is streamline it.

Human Resources

An extremely important process of introducing the new employees to company’s values, vision, mission and goals can be done by enterprise video. It can be used in orientation programs, employee training, to present the quarterly/yearly benefits, company procedures and policies, emergency processes, events, corporate communications, department information within the enterprise, and provide rapid, easy global information access. The benefits technology can provide to HR are- attracting new candidates, minimizing attrition, enhancing sales team and customer-service effectiveness. The department of HR can also have management applications better coordinated to provide coverage for liability. This can increase communication at frequent intervals, cutting down travel expenses, and also improve comprehension and productivity.


There are processes and policies of the company like reduction in taxation and financial issues of different regions, how to update the policies rapidly on the basis of regulations, internal results (monthly/quarterly), adhering to the new tax law, following the expense report in multiple levels within the company, and filing the invoice/expense within deadline. Enterprise video solutions can help increase productivity by providing more interactive demonstrations and also reduce costs occurring due to wrong financing. This technology, owing to its higher abilities of communicating can generate revenue and enhance employee participation, hence generate sales leads.


The department has to attend to different emergency procedures, build security processes, understand what should be done in case of a certain happening, and contact the IT people for system/software/equipment issues. Through enterprise video, you can communicate regularly and with higher efficiency. It also has the ability to respond better to emergencies and maintain the operation.


You may use enterprise video for sales training for new or existing products. The best way of using it will probably be in dealing with the objections faced. You can also update products and train your staff into competitive selling by providing tips from the experienced employees in sales. An extremely productive use will be providing guidelines on field sales, and presenting methods to sell to targeted audience. This can increase 30% sales of new products, and 12% of the existing ones (ones running in the market between 6-12 months). Such imaginative and powerful use of enterprise video solutions help reduce the field analysis time used by sales representatives for activities like training and the time used by them to travel for that training.

There are many more departments, each of which is getting better with the enterprise video services and solutions. The best part about this technology is, viewers retain it much more, it being audio-visual and also because it provides a better imagery in the minds of those experiencing it.