Qualify For An Insurance Discount With Self-Monitored Security

Qualify For An Insurance Discount With Self-Monitored Security

I’m a homebody, so when I moved to a new house, I decided to get a self-monitored alarm system. After all, monitoring it on my own is fairly easy when I’m always home. Of course, I had to consider a few things before choosing a system. Are there really no monthly fees? What if I go on vacation? Will I still be able to get an insurance discount if the system isn’t professionally monitored?

I am well aware that most insurance companies only reward reduced premiums to homeowners with professionally monitored alarm systems. But if you do your research, you will find that some self-monitored alarms qualify for insurance discounts too. So for those of you who are planning to self-monitor, here are five alarm systems that may help you qualify for a homeowner’s insurance discount.

1. Canary

Canary is an all-in-one security system built inside of a camera. It offers Full HD resolution with a 147° wide angle field of view, and it is backed by night vision. It has built-in motion detection and a 90db siren you can use to try to scare off intruders. Aside from these features, it also offers HomeHealth Technology™. The technology measures temperature, humidity, and air quality. Canary sells for $179.

What Insurance Companies Say About Canary

State Farm

Homeowners and renters may qualify for the Local Burglar Alarm discount level under the State Farm Home Alert Protection Discount. No documentation of installation is required. Availability and terms of discounts vary by state.”=

Source: StateFarm.com

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Proactively monitoring your property with this innovative technology helps our customers create a smarter, safer home, and we believe those responsible actions should be rewarded. We are excited to partner with Canary and its standout home security product to help our customers worry less and save on their home insurance.

Source: Insurance Networking

How It Works

If you are a State Farm or Liberty Mutual customer and a Canary user at the same time, simply tell your insurance company that you have a Canary at home. Neither insurance company requires documentation of installation to claim your savings. However, you may need to authorize them to access data from your Canary account and device including your name, address, HomeHealth sensor data, aggregate, and device and location settings.

Canary assures that audio and video will never be shared with insurance companies. Also, you have the power to select what data to share. Giving them access to your data will help them determine how you use you Canary device and perhaps help you qualify for even bigger discounts.

For State Farm customers, contact your agent and ask them about the “Local Burglar Alarm” level discount.

For Liberty Mutual customers, call (800) 699-3793 then press “2” to reach customer service. Ask them about the self-monitored “Theft Protection Discount.”

Even if you are not with one of the companies mentioned above, it can’t hurt to ask. While these two companies have an official relationship with Canary, they are not the only companies known to offer such discounts.

Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector from Google’s Nest. Unlike typical smoke/CO detectors, Nest Protect alerts you by sending a notification to your smartphone. Also, in place of a siren, it has a human voice that provides more intelligent alarms. The Nest Protect costs $99.

What Insurance Companies Say About Nest

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Insurance is excited to partner with Nest and bring this valuable program to consumers…We believe customers seeking to monitor their homes with devices like Nest Protect demonstrate responsible behavior. As a result, we will be offering these customers reduced pricing on their home insurance policy. This not only provides better value for our customers, but also enables us to better understand how different technologies may reduce risk for our customers.

Source: Liberty Mutual

American Family Insurance

GET A NEW NEST PROTECT AT NO COST. YOU COULD SAVE ON INSURANCE, TOO. Nest Protect is available to American Family Insurance customers with a homeowner’s policy in Minnesota. And, you could qualify for an insurance discount – check with your agent for details.

Source: American Family Insurance

How It Works

Liberty Mutual customers who have successfully installed a Nest Protect can take advantage of Liberty Mutual’s Smart Home Verified Discount Program. Also, you can get more discounts if you authorize them to access data coming from your Nest Protect. Like with Canary, the data will be used to analyze how safe your home is and give you a chance to earn greater discounts.

On the other hand, American Family Insurance offers a free Nest Protect to eligible customers. However, this offer is only available in Minnesota for now. After receiving your Nest Protect, you may also qualify for the Proactive Home Protection discount, which takes up to 5% off your insurance bill.

Nest also has a program called Safety Rewards. Subscribing to this program can give you another 5% off of your premium. The catch is, Nest will share monthly data with your insurance company. This monthly data sheet tells insurance companies if your Nest Protect’s battery is charged, if its sensors are working, and if its Wi-Fi connection is solid.

If you live in a supported area, give your Liberty Mutual or American Family agent a call and find out if you’re eligible for discounts or a free Nest Protect. If you live outside the supported areas, enter your ZIP code on Nest’s website to find an insurance partner in your area.


Piper and Piper NV (with night vision) are cameras from Icontrol Networks. Both cameras have 1080p resolution and 180° field of view. They can sense motion, loud sounds, humidity, temperature, and light. Aside from its own sensors, it connects with Z-wave accessories that can further improve home security. It can connect with smoke sensors, door locks, motion sensors, and door/window contacts. Piper sells for $149.99 while the Piper NV sells for $279.99. You can buy them here.

What Liberty Mutual Says About Piper

Liberty Mutual has partnered with Piper to reward you for staying safe with Piper.

Switch to Liberty Mutual and get:

  • 5% discount on home, condo or renters insurance
  • New Smart Home Discounts! Sign up to
    receive 15% off the theft portion of your
  • 10% discount when you add auto

Source: Liberty Mutual

How It Works

Liberty Mutual’s discount offer to Piper users is limited to 19 states, and the discount offer varies from one state to another. So if you are a Piper user, the best thing to do is to contact your insurance agent and request information. You must have an existing Piper camera to apply for this discount.


August is the creator of the popular August Smart Lock. It is a Bluetooth-enabled lock that you can use to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone. It also works with other August products, like the August Connect (Wi-Fi bridge), August Doorbell Cam (video doorbell), and the August Smart Keypad. Aside from that, it has an IFTTT channel and can be locked using your voice thanks to Amazon Echo. August Smart Lock costs $199.

What Liberty Mutual Says About August

A smart home is a safe home. So we partnered with August Home, the makers of August Smart Lock, to reward you for creating a safer home with August products.

Switch to Liberty Mutual and get:

  • 5% discount on home, condo or renters
  • New Smart Home Discounts! Sign up to
    receive 15% off the theft portion of your
  • 10% discount when you add auto

Source: Liberty Mutual.

How It Works

Like Piper, you need to have an existing August smart lock to apply for discounts. The discount program is also only available in 19 states.


Ring is a video doorbell designed to monitor your front door. When pressed, the doorbell initiates a call to your smartphone so you can speak with the person at your door from anywhere. It also has a motion sensor that notifies you even if the doorbell isn’t pressed. Ring costs $199.

What American Family Insurance Says About Ring

We are excited to have created an industry first with Ring; our customers can voluntarily enroll in this program and have their deductibles reimbursed if burglarized.

Source: Business Wire

How It Works

American Family Insurance customers have more than one way of saving money with Ring. First, they are eligible to receive a Ring Video Doorbell for $169 instead of the original price of $199. Second, aside from their insurance coverage, Ring offers to reimburse the deductible if your house is burglarized after installing Ring. And third, you may be eligible to apply for American Family’s Proactive Home Protection discount if you have a Ring installed.

Other No-Monthly-Fee Systems With Insurance Discounts

If you have a self-monitored alarm system other than those mentioned above, you might also be eligible for discounts. For instance, American Family Insurance offers a Proactive Home Protection discount. The only qualifications are (1) you must have a working device that is designed to alert you of fire, smoke, theft, or water risk and (2) you must have access to dependable internet connection 24/7 to receive notifications. Other companies also offer similar discounts. If you own a self-monitored system, call your insurance company now and ask for a discount.