Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Transport Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Transport Service

Cigisped Company is known world-wide as the best yacht shipping company, for deriving boats and various floating vessels. Our main office can be found in Dubai but you will probably be amazed to discover the fact that we have various fillies, a.k.a other offices through the whole world. In case you have a very big and massive boat, and you are wondering whether or not it will be possible for us to ship it we can assure you that we will manage to cope with transportation of boats of any size at all. Please make sure you let us know how vast your boat is, especially let us know if you have more than one single boat. It may happen this way that your yachts will be shipped separately due to the lack of space in one vessel. Also it may happen this way that we will have to ship your boats separately because we need to use different methods of transportations for it.

I want you to be careful with My Yacht; can you Transport it Damage-free?

There is no need for you to worry or to overthink that process, we are glad to present you the fact that we can offer you insurance. By all means you will not have to pay more for it, our aim is not to over-charge our clients and squeeze them for every penny. We want our clients to see that out legitimate and well-skilled members of the team have plenty of years of experience in this sphere. And for that matter they know precisely how expensive, fancy and essential your yacht is to you, and therefore for us.

We should also mention that there are certain precautions that you can take on your own and make sure that your boat will not be harmed for sure. We want you to observe your boat and take pictures of it from 4 different sides. In case there are some marks, spots or defects we out to know about them before the whole transportation process is preferred. While ordering a transportation of a yacht on our website be careful while filing out the question about the weight of your floating vessel. You have to specify the exact weight, measures of your yacht and what type of yacht is it. Also we will need you to show us necessary papers and other documents that prove precisely that you are the owner of it.
It is just a matter of formality but this way both of our parties will feel safe and secure.

The main reason for our potential clients that make them go to us every single time is that we are totally customer-oriented, we do not want to take advantage of you but on the contrary we think of the ways to save your expanses and receive a quality service in return.

I am now located in Dubai so is my yacht but in few weeks I am going to visit Spain and I will need my boat there, can you transport it as quickly as it is possible? If you want an extra-fast transportation you will have to pay a little more, especially if you have not made a reservation for transportation in advance and did not contact our manager with following question.

In case you still have some spare time before the delivery, please take your time and give us a call. Our attentive and polite representative will be happy to sign you up for yacht transportation on the nearest possible time. Some of our clients have been so satisfied with our services that they found it crucial to leave a certain review about the quality of our transportation boating service.

Our Cigisped Company is very proud with the fact that we never had yet an unsatisfied client. But usually all of our clients are totally contented with transportation, and the main reason for them being satisfied is that we totally keep our every strict deadline, and that proves that we are totally reliable.

As long as you visit our website please check our contact information where will specify more interesting details about your boat shipping service, and answer every single question that had being bugging you for quite some time.

The company has been around long enough to earn respect and dedication from potential customers. We mind your needs and do what it takes to fulfill every single shipping requirement precisely.